State and federal law enforcement agencies have to show probable cause when someone is charged with a crime, or at the very least, they must have some type of evidence or belief to charge a person with a crime. No law enforcement agency can enter a home without the owner’s consent or without a warrant granted by the courts.

In the case of a grand jury indictment, a grand jury must decide there is sufficient evidence to prove that a crime has been committed.  Once the grand jury indictment is issued, the person is charged and then prosecuted for the crime. People cannot be forced to make statements that will incriminate them. Everyone is entitled to due process of law, which means that proper legal procedures must be followed from the time a person is charged up until the case is disposed of by the courts.

When a person is arrested, they have a constitutional right to due process including a speedy trial, a court-appointed attorney if they qualify, a bond, and the right to know their accusers and the evidence that is going to be used against them.  Every citizen in this country has the right to request a jury trial.

The amount of bail set by the Judge is normally based on the seriousness of the crime and the criminal history of the accused. Know your rights!  Knowledge is power!  The Cornell University Law School has a detailed description of your rights.

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